A Cross Rodeo | Working for Tomorrow
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Working for Tomorrow

   This is a nostalgic time of year for multiple reasons. With the seasons changing, more time at home, and the end of the PBR and ProRodeo regular season, we all figure out how tomorrow looks for us. We have been able to watch the maturation of young competitors like Gage Gay fight off adversity and stay afloat, watch a dream fulfilled for a veteran like Travis Woodard making his first NFR, and watch the first European in Evan Jayne make rodeo even more international by qualifying in the bareback riding.

  Seeing these things in the professional part of my life also reminds me of the blessings in my personal life. Our son Welles is growing so quickly and watching his love for farming grow inspires me to want to teach and show him even more. My wife Lauren and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary and I am reminded daily how much a strong family unit and faith-filled background is necessary for the life we lead to be a success. 

  I look forward to 2016, but never forget the things I have been allowed to do because of the people I have been able to connect with. Congratulations to those who reached their goals this year, but if you fell short, let the journey toward those goals inspire you to achieve them. Life is not always about the destination, sometimes we need to enjoy the trip while we are still on it.